Pam is the person I’ve called when I need a companion to walk beside me and help me see life with a fresh set of eyes. She has a lightness of spirit combined with keen insight and depth that has allowed me to plumb the deep with a trusted companion and not feel overwhelmed. Her courage to live life fully has served as a model of what the journey toward wholeness can look like. -Katy H


Pamela is grounded in deep wisdom and knowing. She’s guided me in some of my darkest places to moments of light and hope…always with presence, integrity, artistry and inspiration. -Christy H

I have always marveled at how well you tune into what is stirring in me, and how gently you tease it into the light. How you focus in the moment, so that it seems there is nothing, no one else but you and me in conversation. Perhaps it is because you are so honest and transparent. -Marilyn K

Pam was an incredibly gracious mentor to me…and I will be forever grateful. I think she is one of the most spiritually grounded people I know. She is a thoughtful, kind and good-humored presence, a treasure of a person. -Chad M

During a dark time for my family, as repressed secrets from decades before unexpectedly resurfaced, Pamela introduced us to a positive spiritual life that was the perfect perspective we needed to respond to these issues, to heal, and to move on. We are forever grateful that the universe introduced us to her just as we were entering a very challenging time for our family. -Jason M

Pamela engenders inspiring thought and insights; her reflections give fresh enlightenment. She is thought provoking and provocative in opening minds to new ideas, perspectives, concepts, and acceptance. Pamela always exhibits a sincere smile and demeanor. She listens intently and is accepting, encouraging, supportive, and loving when sharing personal issues with her. My only regret with Pamela, is that I did not seek her support, understanding, and guidance sooner, or more often.  -Frank C

Having the opportunity to work with Pam was one of the most satisfying professional and, more importantly, personal experiences that I have had the opportunity to have. She was an important part of my life at a time when I was unsure of my direction and purpose, and she helped me to sift through my confusion and dissatisfaction. Pam is one of the best listeners with whom I have had the opportunity to speak. She listened thoughtfully and carefully and offered reflective comments that made me think about my life in ways that I had not before.  -Faith C

Pam is intuitive and listens in depth. She has great personal integrity and her personal ethics are impeccable. Quiet and thoughtful, she is also fun loving with a great subtle sense of humor. She is able to be with a wide range of people while being able to accept their diversity and be with them supportively. -Ray M

Pamela understands and is able to work with a very diverse population and especially those of different faith traditions and exhibits objectivity when providing support. She is deeply committed to the personal and spiritual well-being of everyone. Her high ethical standards come out of her personal values and her dedication to the highest standards. -Frank W

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