For years I’ve torn paper and pasted my way through difficult times!
“National Geographics” are my favorite magazine to use, filled with amazing photos.

I quiet and center myself. Paging through a magazine, I tear out pages and photos I’m drawn to WITHOUT analyzing or critiquing the choices. I like tearing more than cutting, leaving frayed white edges to add interest rather than sharp clear edges.

Taking a black piece of construction paper, I play with the pieces, seeing what I like side by side, or sometimes tearing pieces further, turning them upside-down, like an ongoing puzzle…

As I play/work, I jot down words or phrases or feelings that come to me.
I sometimes write haiku poetry to go with the collage. This whole process often brings clarity to me or a new insight and understanding. Sometimes it simply brings calmness and peace.

collage-black-white-locollage-ambiguity-lo collage-crows-lo collage-grief-lo


Walk into the woods
Surrounded by large darkness
With shapes barely seen.

No joy is found there
Time stands still with jolting loss
Heart aches in darkness.

In the midst of cold,
Thin, gold stream of light appears;
Stand and receive warmth.

The warmth touches ache
The woods begins to take shape
I find my next step.

Slow, lonely journey,
Retreating when I need to,
To rest and weigh grief.

Walk into the woods
Little girl befriending wolves
Warm shelter awaits.
I was available to a patient’s wife in the hospital, a man who came in for a minor problem. When I met her the next morning, he had died. I had to write these thoughts and make the “grief” collage.





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