Photo credit: Daniel Baker, Cascabel AZ

We’re familiar with tending a fire or a garden; our own transitions also deserve thoughtful attention and care. Sometimes appearing as loss, disorientation or restlessness—transition can be a doorway to something new.

Pamela Dintaman, M. Div.  
In one-to-one sessions, Pamela provides guidance for exploring, reflection and integration. She brings authenticity and lived experience to her clients, through conversation, art, writing, nature and retreat settings.

  • Working with transition times, both chosen and involuntary changes
  • Investigating ‘second half of life’ issues
  • Integrating conversation, art and nature into the healing process
  • Reconnecting sexuality and spirituality, intimacy

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjyzyJMvMcHH5qVDlilOrRg/videos





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