Photo credit: Daniel Baker, Cascabel AZ

We’re familiar with tending a fire or a garden; our own transitions also deserve thoughtful attention and care. Sometimes appearing as loss, disorientation or restlessness—transition can be a doorway to something new.

Pamela Dintaman, M. Div.  
Offering one-to-one sessions on location in Tucson AZ or by phone, Pamela provides guidance for exploring, reflection and integration. She brings authenticity and lived experience to her clients, through conversation, art, writing, nature and retreat settings.

  • Reconnecting sexuality and spirituality, intimacy
  • Working with transition times, both chosen and involuntary changes
  • Investigating ‘second half of life’ issues
  • Integrating conversation, art and nature into the healing process

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjyzyJMvMcHH5qVDlilOrRg/videos





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